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Early career and arrest. On 7 May 1974 Kovalyov, Tatyana Velikanova and Tatyana Khodorovich gave a press conference for foreign journalists, declaring their determination to renew publication of the bulletin and distributing three postponed issues. As a consequence Sergei Kovalyov was arrested in Moscow later that year, on December.Sergei Korolev. Although Korolev trained as an aircraft designer, his greatest strengths proved to be in design integration, organization and strategic planning. Arrested on a false official charge as a "member of an anti-Soviet counter-revolutionary organization" (which would later be reduced to "saboteur of military technology").

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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has suggested that Moscow and Washington are close to an agreement that would restore Russian access to two diplomatic compounds seized in December.Sergei Saratovsky was born in a family of musicians in Karelia, Russia. He received his university education at the Petrozavodsk State Conservatory of Music, graduating with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance.

Under Secretary Shannon's Meeting With Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. The talks reflected a spirit of goodwill, but it is clear that more work needs to be done. Under Secretary Shannon and Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov committed to holding future New START Bilateral Consultative Commission and Strategic Stability Talks and will exchange scheduling proposals in the near future.Sergei Mikhailovich Tretyakov (Russian: серге́й миха́йлович третьяко́в; 20 June 1892, Goldingen, Courland Governorate (modern day Kuldīga, Latvia) – September 10, 1937, Moscow) was a Russian constructivist writer, playwright and special correspondent for Pravda. He graduated 1916 from the department of law at Moscow University.

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